18 Şubat 2014
15 years of ETEV and founding objectives

After Emin Turk Elicin had passed away, Asiye Ozdemir Elicin, whose one and only wish was to keep his works, philosophy and creations alive by instituting a foundation in the name of her husband’s name,rolled her sleeves up to bring an honorable past together with the young generations and founded the “Emin Turk Elicin Foundation for Culture and Arts” (ETEV) at June 16, 1994, the 28th death anniversary of Emin Turk Elicin, using her savings collected with difficulties.Many intellectuals, writers and scientists participated in the institution of the foundation.

Vision (ETEV’s future perspective) is;

To be a pioneer institution which serves for a secular democratic social dynamic refined from bigotry, for the goal of making the next generations more responsible, conscious and intelligent, and for spreading and normalizing the idea of respect to the human and human dignity, which is the basic condition of the social development.

Mission (ETEV’s basis of existence) is;

To have scientific studies in order to generate the lessons for the future from the mistakes of our historical background and to hand these outputs on to the educational institutions and for making our people conscious. To take a stand for the enlightenment opposing the attacks into the science, realistic literature and art. To protect the heritage that our precious people left to us, who worked hard for our literature and art and contributed intellectually-culturally and literally. To look after the essential problems of the humanity and to refresh and lift the sense of responsibility up.

For this purpose;

To do researches for the sake of the objective of the foundation and publish them or get them done and support. To organize seminars, symposiums, conferences, lectures, panels, meetings etc. where various cultural, artistic and scientific matters to be handled with the attendance of the scientists and implementers. To organize contests and give awards in the fields which are related to the objective of the foundation and to give scholarships to the students at every level and year. To organize and support the educating, teaching, research and development activities in the course of the objectives of the foundation provided that they meet the legal requirements.